Mountains of fun!

Make every day a treat

There's nothing Gaia loves more than a day spent playing and chasing after sticks in the snow up in the chilly but beautiful mountains in northwestern British Columbia.

With temperatures below zero and a fresh blanket of snow, this winter wonderland is the perfect place to put our new coat, the District Parka, through its paces.

Scroll on for a look at our latest release in winter wear and a quick read guide on how to pick a winter coat for your pet.

Combat cold temperatures day and night with this insulated and water-resistant parka featuring an ultra-warm lining, faux flap pockets and stylish sherpa fleece detailing.

• 100gms Polyfill + fleece lining for warmth

• Hem darts for a contoured fit

• Integrated leash access at collar seam

• Two-way zipper on back for harness access

• Reflective detailing for visibility at night

• Faux flap pockets and sherpa fleece detailing for fashion forward look

• T-Fit on sizes 8-20, no chest panel on sizes 22-30

• Available in three colours: classic Black, Arctic Blue and on trend Clay!

What to look for in a winter coat for your pet.

What does winter look like where you are? - Are the days mild and rainy? Snowy and sub zero? Dry with windchill? A bit of everything? Taking the weather into consideration is an important factor so you know whether to go for something that's packed with insulation or a light water-resistant coat that can be layered on those rare chilly nights.

Do you need harness access, collar access or both? - Easy access to your pets collar and/or harness is important for leashing up, especially if you're wearing gloves!

Do you wander in low light areas? - You can be reassured that safety comes first at RC Pets. Our coat designs often feature reflective detailing or a Poppin' Light eyelet for some extra visibility - great for those dark night and early morning winter walks.

Have you measured your pet? - A coat that fits properly is important so your pet can move freely and comfortably on all your winter excursions. Grab a measuring tape and watch our quick 'how to measure' video before deciding on a purchase.

Check out our useful coat comparison guide! - We've put all our apparel side by side to help you easily compare all of these important features.

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